The Medical Assistant program is an entry level program that teaches students various technical clinical skills. A student will be taught the role of the Medical Assistant in the medical office, front office procedures such as typing, scheduling appointment for patients, completing patients forms and medical records, telephone triage ethic and law, medical filing, HIPAA and confidentiality, medical billing and coding ( including ICD-9 and CPT coding ), and setting up patient examination rooms. The clinical modules of the program include proper hand washing, measuring height and weight of infants through the elderly, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology working in various medical specialties (i.e. pediatrics, cardiology, oncology etc) performing phlebotomy, performing EKGs giving certain types of injections, eyes and ears irrigation procedures, measuring virtual signs, infection control and medical asepsis, sterilization procedures, assisting in minor surgical procedures, removal of sutures using a Snellen eye chart, taking blood pressures, urinalysis, assisting in physical examination, bandaging and wound care, first aid procedures, and more. A graduate can find employment in medical offices laboratories and / or hospitals.

  • Certificate: Certificate of Completion
  • Credentials: Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)
  • Pre-requisites for admission: GED/ High school diploma
  • Total clock hours : 350